Company History

Thaimectech Company Limited We are engaged in the design of conveyor systems with consulting services for production process design in various industries such as conveyor systems used in general industries. Conveyor systems for the food processing industry or other machinery used in the food processing industry such as shrimp, chicken, porkDesign, consulting on the process of processing shrimp, chicken and pork, starting from receiving raw materials until the production process is finished as a product Past machinery work such as Shrimp sorter, Shrimp sorter (peeling), boiling machine, temperature reducing machine,* Conveyor systems in all production lines, such as belt conveyor belt, shrimp shredder belt, shrimp broken shrimp, sushi, etc.The production process of the flour coating line (Breaded) shrimp, chicken, fish. We have also developed machines from the prototype to the standard format of the company. To suit the needs of customers In each production process such as Battering, Flattener, Breading, Predust, Drum Breaded, Dust Contector ), etcDesign consulting for conveyor systems in various industries such as PVC belts, PU belts, Wire Mest Belts, Modular Belts, Roller Drive, Top Chain, Curve Belt etc.In addition, the company also offers laser cutting services with the Mitsubishi ML3015 EX-S Edition +32 XP, the modern folding machine (AMADA) service for customers. At an affordable price We are ready to provide services and respond to the needs of customers truly and quickly. Urgent need. We have an efficient team to provide service.